Manson Framers has definitely stood the test of time! Opening in 1964, the company has served the public for over 47 years. It is a family business with four generations working together. We stock a very comprehensive range of ART MATERIALS FOR THE BEGINNER TO THE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST. Come in and see what we have to offer and be amazed. There are discounts for those who attend our ART CLASSES.
We stock a great variety of needlework supplies - tapestry, cross stitch, embroideries and thread-wools, cottons, crochet cottons and silks. Creative tapestry classes are held on saturday morning. If you want to shop somewhere that has the best service around and staff with A-grade knowledge, Manson Framers is for you. They are Brisbane's top picture framing specialist so why not pay the store a visit.

Our compliment of over 47 years continuous trading in South East Queensland and 8 staff, have over 100 combined years of framing experience.

We think the most important function of a frame is to protect the item inside. To accomplish this protection, the piece must be designed with these objectives in mind. Combining traditional techniques and appropriate framing materials, as well as the desires and ideas of the customer

We believe that technical knowledge is just as important as the design skills. Our framers use their knowledge and experience along with the latest framing material available, so that your professionally finished frame can be completed to the highest possible standard.

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Our Trading Hours are Mon-Fri (9.00am to 4.00pm)
and Saturday (9.00am to 1.00pm)


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